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18-Year Old Recording Artist Cid Lost, In Love With the Process

Introducing 18-year old recording artist, Cid Lost from the Richmond, VA area. This kid is exemplary of what it means to be in love with what you do by all means. Music is a way for us to connect and many of us need it more than we may admit. For some of us, it's a way of life and can turn into something so much more. This is the case for Cid Lost as we dive into what got him started in his music career and journey to stardom.

What started as a hobby at just 12-years old eventually blossomed into his favorite pastime. Cid Lost would spend lots of hours creating different types of music, playing with different instruments, and changing up his voice, really just for fun. By age 14, he began making music very consistently without any real plans to take things seriously or put his music out in a serious manner. This is something we often see with artists. It takes some time to familiarize yourself with the process, figure out what it means to you, and see it from a real business and lifestyle perspective. You have to ask yourself, "Is this what I actually want?" For Cid Lost, the answer was yes. At around 16-years old, what was once just a hobby was now an undying passion.

Now being a well-seasoned recording artist, Cid Lost has really turned things up and made some waves in the music scene. He's acquired many great connections and made some like-minded friends along the way that fuel the fire in his career. Cid Lost is all-in on making music with no current plans of changing trajectory. He tells us he decided to not go to college because he wasn't sure if school was really for him. Instead, he hones in on his craft and keeps his other hobbies like fashion for example, in rotation. For some, this may be seen as risky, but when you love something so much and it brings you a great amount of joy, that can much more valuable than trapping yourself somewhere you don't really want to be. It is also apparent that money is not the only motivator for him which is very unique for music artists in general, but the reality is some people just like making an impact in others lives and seeing how their music can shift the culture. This is very true for Cid Lost.

"My goal is to be respected for the music I make. I want to get into licensing my music to be heard in the media more, no matter where that ends up being. I don't need to be rich, I don't need to be Kanye famous. I just want to be proud of my own sounds and feel like my music is perfect. I want to be heard on TV, on the radio, performing shows with people singing along with me. Money was never a motive for me, I could easily do this for free forever because that's what I've been doing for years. I love seeing how my family and friends listen to my music and I like the support." -Cid Lost

Looking back on the past year, Cid Lost has built up his discography heavily, releasing 8 singles and 2 EPs in 2022 alone. Fans really get hype from his mostly melodic-rap tracks, but to end the year off with a bang, Cid Lost dropped some different type of music on his latest EP, 'So You Know What It Feels Like.' The album is almost fully clean which is rare in this day and age, making it more accessible to people of all ages. Cid Lost tells us that he thinks his best track so far is a song called 'I Made This' because of the great quality and also the fact that he wrote it, recorded it, mixed, and mastered it himself all in the same night, highlighting his speed and professionalism. Cid Lost is ultimately trying to spread a message through his music and be a vessel to teach younger people lessons he wished he would've learned earlier.

"No matter what you see in the media or what you have going on in life, have some level of love in you for other people. You never know what other people got going on so don't judge them and don't do things to make yourself look like a bad person. Things that you do can really have an impact on people even if you don't know that yet. Don't feel like you have to do things for other people, just live your life however you want to live if you think that it's going to work. Be a good person to other people and do what you need to do to make it in life." -Cid Lost

Going into 2023 with lots of promise, we're expecting to see a lot more heat coming from Cid Lost in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled. Cid Lost has the world in his hands when it comes to music and we hope to see him reach all his goals and live out his dreams accordingly!


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