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AlmightyKo, For The Love Of Portland

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Among all the artists out of Portland, Oregon AlmightyKo is an undeniable standout in the rap scene as he effortlessly continues to make hits. The 19 year old recording artist has created quite the shockwave as he's unveiled incredible music potential with his discography showcasing next level melodies and rhyme schemes that create very addictive trap and melodic rap type tracks.

With goals of being the next big thing out of his city, AlmightyKo is making a statement for himself, letting everyone know that he is not a talent you should ignore. Applying pressure all this past year Ko has released a few singles to his SoundCloud such as, 'Shine Remix', 'All Risk' and his most recent track to date, 'Where The Love At.'

Ko simply has music in his blood, inspired by his older family members around him that enjoyed rapping and the mainstream artists he would listen to on the daily, Ko began to make music of his own at a very young age. Ko would go on to make lots of music recreationally, but it wasn't until the summer of 2019 that he decided to lock in and take music seriously. What was once just something to pass the time became an opportunity for Ko to create something special.

With his mind on a different track, Ko started to think about music from a different perspective. This would include taking the time to write out his songs, thinking about how to market his music, shooting music videos, and all the other branches of being an artist. Ko has introduced a new level of creativity since then as he's built a stronger name for himself and has begun to build a brand behind his name.

Keeping up with Ko on social media, he can be seen participating in features, shooting high quality music videos, and previewing new music left, right, and center. Fans are excited as Ko is seemingly turning up the heat this year. After dropping his last few singles, Ko is now planning the release of his mixtape, 'Unforgettable Thoughts' which will certainly be promising for the future. Now watch as AlmightyKo puts his musical ability to the test and we would advise you definitely keep an eye out for new music coming soon.


Follow AlmightyKo On Social Media:

Instagram: @almightyko_1

SoundCloud: AlmightyKo

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