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Brisc Teaches You How To Turn Nothing Into Something

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Meet Jared Briscoe, better known as Brisc, a 19 year old music producer and engineer coming from the DMV area. Brisc has created quite the name for himself in the industry as he's developed his sound into something special over the course of his career. Focusing on skill development and networking these past few months, Brisc has managed to build a solid foundation of artists and producers to collaborate with along with tapping into all different types of music to add to his arsenal including melodic rap, trap, hyperpop, and slow and reverb just to name a few.

Brisc is on a mission to set an example for his friends, family, and peers that whatever goal you have, no matter how unreachable it may seem, you can achieve it if you really put your mind to it and make it a priority. You may just now be hearing about his work for the first time, but this is all within divine timing for Brisc as he's been working on his craft for a few years now.

Brisc says he's been passionate about music ever since he can remember. Coming from a family of music lovers, Jared was introduced to the music scene early on, getting put on to lots of 80's hits by his father who also happened to be a DJ in college. Brisc claims he didn't truly become passionate about producing until his freshman year of high school when he noticed that no time goes by faster than when he's making music.

Brisc defines himself as someone who always has a song stuck in his head. Anyone with a love for music can relate to that feeling, but Brisc takes it a step further by turning what was once just an idea in his head into a big time reality. He has no plan of stopping and is following suit behind the greats like Metro Boomin, Pierre Bourne and Murda Beatz who he draws inspiration from.

With plans to make it to the top, Brisc is also coming with another agenda to help break the stereotype that "all producers do is make beats" when really that's the smallest piece to the puzzle. Brisc also happens to be versatile enough to record raps of his own at will and has plans to release his own songs in the near future, many produced by himself. Additionally, Brisc is currently planning the release of an instrumental album featuring some of his best tracks from 2021 and has a vision to further develop his engineering capabilities to go along with future song remixes and other mixing projects.

"Just keep going at whatever you do, don’t worry about the numbers right now because they’ll come. Also you’ll never know when it’s the right time to do something, so just take as many risks as you can and go 100% at all times." -Brisc

Above all, Brisc wants everyone to follow their dreams and understand that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. With lots of big things in store, keep an eye out for Brisc as he takes the game by storm in these years to come.


Follow Brisc On Social Media:

Instagram: @criscoee

Twitter: @8020Brisc

TikTok: @prodbrisc

SoundCloud: Brisc

YouTube: Brisc

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