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HBK Catastrophe, Steady On The Come Up

Welcome to the world of HBK Catastrophe, a 20-year old recording artist from Atlanta, GA here to takeover the music scene and make waves in the rap community. It's been a common theme these past few years that we see stars being born in the underground and that can be attributed to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. People spent most of their days inside the house in 2020, not spending much time with others or going outside. From a creative's perspective, that time period was your chance to find the time to dive into something you've always wanted to do. For HBK Catastrophe and many others, that thing was music. What started as a fun hobby during the lockdown, eventually turned into something so much more. HBK Catastrophe spent countless hours recording music and learning more about digital audio workstations and how you can improve your sound and make it unique. After recording his third song, it became obvious this was what he wanted to pursue, so he bought a professional microphone and audio interface and got to work. HBK Catastrophe would go on to strengthen his recording and mixing skills in order to really lock in and take music seriously.

Post pandemic, HBK Catastrophe continues to strive for greatness and spends time doing what he loves most: Recording, mixing, mastering, performing... The list goes on. It's a goal of his to create a strong fanbase and progress with the ones who believe in him from this developmental stage in his career. He realizes that it takes time to use the influence you receive from multiple artists and sounds to fully blend it into your own sound. All the hours spent in the studio is worth it to HBK Catastrophe, he tells us that his favorite thing is being able to perform for people that appreciate him and his craft.

"My favorite thing is performing, meeting people and seeing their faces. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for every stream and every fan I’ve gotten up until this point, but the energy and interaction of performing is just a different energy." -HBK Catastrophe

Since the beginning, HBK Catastrophe has dropped a significant amount of music, which really gave him a jumpstart on developing his discography and music career as a whole. After making 4 or 5 EPs, dropping loads of singles, and currently working on an album, HBK Catastrophe is excited for the future while the fans are still hooked on songs like 'Euphoria' and 'Skeleton Heart' from 2022, as well as his most recent single, 'Not Dover Street Market.' Looking back on HBK Catastrophe's past work, you can really appreciate the development of his sound and all the progress he's made overtime. From his debut album 'Mind Games' in 2021 to his latest album 'Nocturnal' in 2022, there is a clear shift in the energy and cadence of his songs. At this point, HBK Catastrophe is effortlessly creating hits over some of the most innovative, groundbreaking soundscapes. His beat selection has been consistently unique and catchy as well.

"I love all of you and wish you the best in life. I try not to hate on anyone cause you never know who they could turn out to be. However, I do have a few non music related hobbies such as skateboarding, but I always come back to the mic when I feel the need to create. The longest I locked myself in the studio for was around 4-5 days straight, one day I'm going to do a week and see what I can come back with." -HBK Catastrophe

As we await new projects from HBK Catastrophe, take the time to appreciate the wide music catalog that he has to offer and the endless time commitment that artists like him dedicate to their fans. With a work ethic like that, we're expecting nothing but heat coming from HBK Catastrophe in the coming months so be on the lookout and let us know what you think!


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