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LBE Hunt, Why Watch The Show When You Can Run It?

The beautiful thing about music is that there are so many different reasons as to why one would even make music in the first place. For some it's simply fun and games, others it's seen as therapeutic, and for some, both! Regardless, there is no denying the sense of community one feels when they can record at ease and meet so many others that are interested in the same thing.

Introducing LBE Hunt, a recording artist who in this case, originally saw music as a way to cope with problems, but then grew to love the process and now sees it as a way out. Starting back in July 2020, LBE Hunt began recording songs after a long history of being an athlete and attending school. Being the talented basketball player that he was in high school, he had went on to compete at the collegiate level for two years only for his journey to be cut short due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. This was a turning point for LBE Hunt as one of his passions was now taken from him and he additionally had to come face to face with the turmoil of the tragic loss of his mother in 2017. During this reflection period, LBE Hunt found music and discovered that recording uplifted him like never before!

At just 22 years old, LBE Hunt has created a foundation for his music career that is guaranteed for success. Coming from the Hampton/Richmond Virginia area, LBE Hunt started to make waves in his community which is what fueled him to start becoming more passionate about music in October 2020. Seeing the reactions from listeners and hearing feedback from those that enjoyed his story made recording songs that much more enticing and would eventually lead to him collaborating with others and improving his sound to the max.

LBE Hunt takes on a very hard, trap and soul style of music, yet never shies away from trying out new sounds and melodies. Throughout his discography you'll notice the versatility between songs which is part of what makes him so unique and such a strong asset for anybody looking to work together. LBE Hunt says he would love to collaborate with Westside Gunn out of New York as a dream of his. Taking inspiration from everywhere, LBE Hunt has goals of turning his idols into friends and business partners.

The ability for LBE Hunt to remain so motivated and positive is the reason he is so likable and will perform well on the music scene. People with good intentions and a strong work ethic like him are always seen as more admirable than an artist who is clearly just in it for the money or fame. Speaking with LBE Hunt, he tells us:

"My favorite part about being an artist is that I get to show the world my creative side rather than my athletic side that everyone knows me for. If I had a message to the youth, it would be to wake up everyday and attack the day. There will be haters out here hating on you just because they can't be you." -LBE Hunt

As you can see, LBE Hunt actively tries to perfect his craft and does it shamelessly, which is why we find him so special. Moving forward, be on the lookout for his upcoming project, 'Soul Ties' produced by MisterJ Beats and Reefonmars dropping December 30. He aims to create a soulful type of feel with this one and plans to share some stories of heartbreak in his life in an effort to relate with the listener. Keeping that date in mind, be sure to tap in and listen to the project, us at VWM are expecting nothing but heat!


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Instagram: @LBEHunt

Twitter: @LBEHunt

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