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Meet Mir Mir, The 17-Year Old Who Anonymously Engineered Tracks For Underground Artists

Updated: Jan 27

Allow us to introduce you to Mir Mir, a 17-year old Albanian recording artist, producer, and engineer based out of Chicago, Illinois. Since a very young age, Mir Mir was always interested in music and the arts, listening mostly to country music and enjoying poetry. At 12 years old, Mir Mir would make lots of music and even finish projects, only for them to be locked away and deleted due to fear of rejection and embarrassment. This is a common thing for those starting out in the industry, it's difficult to fully own a craft as vulnerable as making music. Although the music scene can be hard to approach, this was not the end of Mir Mir's love for music.

Come high school, Mir Mir had downloaded GarageBand to his school device and would practice making music all day long. By the age of 15, Mir Mir would encounter a group of young artists who would stretch his exposure to music to new realms. This marks the point where he discovered hyperpop. Mir Mir explained the discovery to be such a liberating feeling, being able to finally step outside of the music he's grown up on and explore other genres. Mir Mir felt invested in such a niche community and was also inspired by the artists as they were recording, producing, and engineering music themselves and it led him to become more confident in his abilities and care less about what other people thought about his work and aspirations. As a result, Mir Mir would then go on to release his first song, 'Mama's Witness' in 2021 which landed on an underrated rap songs playlist. That placement would fuel the fire for Mir Mir to continue on with his career.

Mir Mir tells us that 'Mama's Witness' is his favorite song he's released because of the sentimental value. The song reflects on feelings of shame and disappointment growing up. Mir Mir explains that at one point in time he felt as if he was letting his mother down simply due to his nature. Being indulged in such unique hobbies caused him to feel like an outcast in the eyes of the public and his mother especially. Making music was definitely an outlet for dealing with these mental health struggles and Mir Mir is now able to applaud himself for making the best out of it.

"I made this when I was 15, and looking back it, since I know the true story about it, I feel it would be considered peak art to a relating audience, particularly those that enjoy sort of a modern form, old school, down rap… like Earl Sweatshirt or Mac Miller." -Mir Mir

Throughout the ups and downs of being an artist, Mir Mir holds his head high and considers himself his biggest fan. Being able to work hard on something and listen to it later and re-evaluating the story is a beautiful process that most artists fall in love with. Mir Mir thrives off being able to get his stories out there and seeing the engagement from fans. Hearing how people relate to his lyrics makes him appreciate the struggles he went through in life and in music. Mir Mir is a stand out artist for lots of reasons, but a huge reason being his true passion for the culture. He wants to break away from the stereotype that music artists just make music in order to blow up and get rich. Mir Mir explains that the trial and error aspect of making music is what makes it most rewarding to him, the money and accolades are just a surplus on top of the personal development and connection with fans.

"One thing I love about being a small artist is how accessible you feel. I want people who listen to my music to know that I want their advice and critique rather they know anything about production or not. Most listeners don’t see songs as hours of work, they see it as three minutes of either vibes or disgust." -Mir Mir

As of recent, Mir Mir has slowly but surely been expanding his fan base as his monthly listeners go up and he continues to collaborate with artists and producers that push him to take things to the next level. Looking to the future, be on the lookout for more heat coming from Mir Mir and watch as his talent shines through and he creates a name for himself as one of the most exciting, influential artists to run through the game.


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