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Mikeyotww Breaking Barriers With New Rap Sub-Genre 'Contemporary Slang'

Among the artists in the underground rap scene, there's only been a few that have attempted to create and popularize new sounds and sub-genres in rap. Whether their unique sound catches onto the mainstream or not, there is an undeniable admiration for those who think outside of the box and express themselves with authenticity.

Introducing, 21-year old recording artist Mikeyotww, from Hampton, Virginia. In the midst of all the talent in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area, Mikeyotww is a standout due to his unorthodox approach to making songs and his introduction of a new rap sub-genre titled 'Contemporary Slang.' According to Mikeyotww, this genre is meant to shine a light on the influence of art and fashion, but ultimately finding new ways to say things and not repeating flows from other artists or generations before.

Since Summer 2021, Mikeyotww has become very passionate about making music and has found it to be a sense of freedom and a way for him to provide for himself and his family. Mikeyotww has just recently began releasing more music than ever, but his first experiences with recording music date back to November 2020. Mikeyotww explained that he has had some childhood and adulthood trauma and loss, but he discovered that recording music was a great outlet for him to create and inspire rather than self-destruct. Now, we see tracks like 'Kryls' where Mikeyotww dives into his personal experience with having family members struggle with addiction and getting exposed to a lot of things at a very young age.

"It sort of shaped the way I think. In the hook I say “Never ever in your life could you be better than me,” realizing my life is tailor made for me and to have a daily chin-up approach." -Mikeyotww

Mikeyotww draws inspiration from everywhere. He tells us he'd like to collaborate with artists like LilxAbe and Xenjal, and that his biggest musical influence growing up was famous rapper, Max B. Mikeyotww tells us that he listened to Max B records religiously and considered him to be a role model.

"Dude is fearless. His parents struggled with drug addiction just like my Mom so I relate to him a lot. I had no hero or male role model so I listened to Max B like religion. He showed me not to be embarrassed by your situation, but to literally embrace it head on. My story is ugly for sure, but it’s mine." -Mikeyotww

Following along with Mikeyotww and his journey, fans can appreciate the hard work and diligence that he puts into his craft and his promising potential in the music industry. Pushing the 'Contemporary Slang' agenda, we're excited to see the new energy and catchphrases Mikeyotww adds to our lexicon and the influence he'll have on the rap game. Speaking with Mikeyotww, he tells us he has plans of releasing new music soon, starting with a mixtape called 'OTWW' (which is an acronym for 'On The Way Worldwide'). In these 7 tracks, he plans to display the 'Contemporary Slang' sub genre and the basics of it . Mikeyotww is just getting started and fans are more than excited for where he is going with his music career.


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Instagram: @mikeyotww

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