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MoneyyMarv, Having Influence in Music and Turning Dreams Into Reality

Updated: Jan 27

Sometimes all it takes is one time on the mic with your friends to realize that you were supposed to be an artist. That's exactly what happened for rising star, MoneyyMarv. The 22-year old recording artist out of Fredericksburg, VA is among one of the few who's not in the industry just to cash out, but to change the game in the process.

Rewinding back to 2019, this would be the first time MoneyyMarv hopped in a recording session at school with his friends at VCU in Richmond, VA. Being around such a creative space and having the influence of his friends, MoneyyMarv very quickly realized his potential and started to treat recording music as more of a reality than just a possibility. Having tapped into a new area of self-expression, he also noticed that music was the perfect outlet to convey his thoughts and engage listeners through emotion. Using such cultivating lyrics and inflection on his voice, his sound has the rap game in a choke.

MoneyyMarvv currently attends VCU in Richmond, VA pursuing a degree in psychology and a minor in business. Being an artist and a student at the same time is surely a large commitment, but MoneyyMarvv has visions of making a living off of his passion for music and stays motivated by his fans that connect with him and his music. An artist with work ethic like this is bound for success and a great development in sound.

Fans are excited as MoneyyMarvv lines up his next few projects to finish off 2022. After dropping songs like 'Medicine' and 'Dasher' off his latest EP 'Moneyy', we're expecting nothing but heat in the coming months. MoneyyMarvv tells us he's looking to team up with more Fredericksburg and Richmond artists for the time being which means we could possibly see some new names on the track list and collaborations that could create a real spark in the music scene. Looking forward to more MoneyyMarv music and the release of his next project, we recommend you check out his music for yourself and see what it's all about.


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