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Running Up The Score With CTB Breezy

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Look out for CTB Breezy as he sweeps the rap game with ease. This 18 year old recording artist from Reston, Virginia has been on a mission to dominate the music scene and expand his audience across the nation.

After dropping music on his SoundCloud all this past year, fans got to watch Breezy steadily improve since the startup of his career and now know exactly why Breezy is on our radar. With an undying ability to freestyle and surf on the beat, Breezy effortlessly creates incredible melodic rap, trap, and drill type of records and never shies away from experimenting with his style. His catchy and unique sound can be heard on recently dropped tracks such as, 'Top Walk,' 'Story,' and 'Pop Up' just to name a few.

Although Breezy hasn't been recording music for as long as others he upgrades his music quality with impressive speed. An artist with such exponential growth is surely promising especially as you hear the maturity in his music improve with every release. The love for music is evident with Breezy, in the studio like it's a second home to him. Breezy is in there rapping about his life, having fun with it, and letting go off stress, whatever the vibe may be.

"My favorite thing is making music for other people and it's a good, therapeutic exercise. Hopefully my music can expand past Virginia and into other cities, states, and even countries." -CTB Breezy

After the loss of his brother a year ago, Breezy began taking music seriously and decided to put out his first real song, 'Why You Gotta Go (feat. Showjoe)' in memory of his brother. Since then he's made history, Breezy's dedication has allowed him to expand his creativity to a different level and build a foundation for himself to build a fanbase of those that enjoy his songs and acknowledge his musical genius. Not only does Breezy have a vision for himself, but other artists within his network fit in the picture as well, collaborating with artists like Cblak, Jelly-T, and broly.

Moving forward, Breezy plans on continuing to elevate his sound and differentiate himself in the rap game. We've also been told to be expecting an EP from Breezy in the near future and with that we expect nothing but pressure!


Follow CTB Breezy On Social Media:

Instagram: @c.t.b_breezy

Snapchat: @savage.foreal

SoundCloud: ctb breezy

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