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SOLUS! For The Mind, Body, And Soul

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Welcome to the world of SOLUS! Introducing Keshawn King, a singer and songwriter originally from Cambodia, but now resides in Loudoun County, Virginia. SOLUS has always had a passion and fascination in music, singing around the house since he was a child. It wasn't until late 2015 that he saw the vision and started putting things in motion. Now, at just 21 years old SOLUS has already crafted an extraordinary discography. Making music not just solo, but bringing friends along the way too.

2020 was quite the year for SOLUS as he dropped his most recent album, 'Scarlett Letters' and appeared on many different tracks, working with artists like Flowr, Capnjames, The Degenerates, jacobslaughter, BLCKK, PCP, and more. Moving into 2021, SOLUS turned his creativity levels all the way up as he started planning his next few releases. Teaming up with talented videographer, Sam Bullard, they were able to produce loads of content for SOLUS to release along with his music including industry-level music videos and photoshoots that helped express his artistic message better than ever before. SOLUS has since dropped a ton of singles that show great improvement since last year, his most recent track being 'Skyhouse.'

SOLUS describes his music as enlightenment music. "A vibe for the mind, body, and soul" as SOLUS would call it. Although SOLUS is known for his beautiful vocals and soothing frequencies his work extends much further. You can hear him playing around with different genres left and right, a true master of his work.

What separates him from other artists is the raw emotion that is placed behind all his songs. He makes music not just to drop it, but as an offering for people to join his way of thinking and feeling, hopefully creating a diverse cult like fanbase. SOLUS says he draws inspiration from artists like XXXTENTACION, Corbin, Justin Bieber and many more and I think you can hear those roots in his music, but you're also able to distinguish his uniqueness above all.

SOLUS has yet to announce any upcoming drops or projects but says to be on the look out for lots of new releases in the future. It should be very exciting watching SOLUS continue his journey and further develops his musical genius.


Follow SOLUS On Social Media:

Instagram: @keshawnking

Spotify: Solus!

Apple Music: Solus!

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