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The Mind Of Angvl

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Tap in with Angvl, the 20 year old recording artist from New York who is simply a jack of all trades. Angvl is a multi-media artist, creating music, artistic visuals, and pieces of writing as his main forms of creative mediums with a true gift for what he does. With a phenomenal sound, Angvl creates engaging hip hop/lofi type records that display an elite sense of rhythm and master wordplay within his lyrics.

Angvl is from Syracuse, NY, but really grew up in Los Angeles County, California. Playing a few different instruments as a kid, Angvl always had a connection with music, but he didn't initially realize this would be the extent in which he'd take it. It wasn't until this past year in 2021 that Angvl decided to dive head first into making music and releasing tracks for the public to see. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Angvl found that making music was his favorite escape, and although it wasn't something that always seemed like a viable passion to him, with some practice Angvl was able to find his voice and really fell in love with the art of making music and sharing it with the world.

The art behind the music is the driving factor for Angvl as he continues to invest his time and energy into his dreams. His goal is simply to create art that he's satisfied with and earn the recognition from those that care for him and appreciate his craft, all while making long-lasting friends and connections along the way.

"I've had a crazy past. I've bounced all over the country, so if I had one message to the youth it would be to stay authentic to yourself! Nothing matters if it doesn't matter to you and give you that feeling when you talk about it." -Angvl

Checking off the bucket list, Angvl has released his debut track, 'Moonlight' which would soon be followed by his first EP release, 'Broken Heart Freestyle.' As listeners have started to take notice of his talent, Angvl is now planning on dropping his next single in October along with his second mixtape that is projected to come out in 2022. If we could advise you anything, let it be tuning into Angvl and finding out for yourself exactly why he is up next in the music industry.


Follow Angvl On Social Media:

Instagram: @themindofangvl

Twitter: @themindofangvl SoundCloud: Angvl

Spotify/Apple: Angvl

YouTube: Angvl

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