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V Slug, Headed Straight To The Top

Updated: May 4, 2022

We'd like to present to you, V Slug, a 24 year old recording artist coming from Camden, New Jersey with a work ethic that is simply unmatched. Slug describes himself as the kid who just kept grinding and never stopped believing in himself, and that confidence level is present throughout his entire discography. Music being his main focus, fans have grown to appreciate Slug for his tenacity and unique rapping ability.

V Slug started making music when he left college after hearing the support of his friends and peers who would ultimately encourage him to go full throttle with recording songs. Come 2019, Slug would release his first project, 'SluggaSeason' and continue to develop his sound and collaborate with others that matched his speed in an effort to get his name out there and put his city on the map.

V Slug is truly a breath of fresh air in the music industry as his persona comes off as very passionate and organic. Many artists nowadays pay lots of attention to trends and care too much about going viral. The desire to be an overnight success or make it to the top without any work to show your credibility doesn't resonate well with listeners, but Slug has made it known he is in it all for the music and to support his family.

"My favorite part about being an artist is that I get to share any emotion I may feel through my music. I came from the bottom and worked my way up without hating to get ahead so I want to be remembered as one of the best. Not the best rapper, but the best artist!" -V Slug

V Slug says he takes after a lot of the greats within his new-age sphere of influence. Some artists he's inspired by include: Playboi Carti, Yeat, SSGKobe, and SoFaygo, just to name a few. They definitely have left a lasting impact on the rap game and it's exciting to see artists like V Slug taking after them and putting their own fresh spin on it. As of recent, V Slug has dropped off his latest album, 'RARE' in August 2021 along with a few singles and collaborations since then, but now fans are anticipating his next project release, expecting him to apply more pressure than ever before.

Looking towards the future, V Slug tells us that he has a tape coming this April or May, but did not confirm an official release date. With that, we would recommend following up with V Slug as he continues to grow and finish out the rest of the tape. Expect nothing but hits and new vibes for the next project and definitely get used to hearing about V Slug more often.


Follow V Slug On Social Media:

Instagram: @wawg_suave

Twitter: @wawg_suave

Spotify/Apple: V Slug

Soundcloud: V Slug

Youtube: V Slug

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