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VWM Rising Stars 2023: 5 New Rappers Who Got Next


Indiana-bred recording artist, Midwxst, originally broke into the spotlight in 2020 with his first EP, Secrets. The project contained elements of digicore and hyperpop styles which he used to convey a story about a past relationship. Vulnerability is a creative tool that Midwxst uses to create a sense of relatability and it has served him very well. In 2023, he continues to be a leading voice online for the new generation of hip-hop.

Rich Amiri

Rich Amiri is changing Boston's musical landscape one track at a time. Deviating from the typical bar-for-bar style of rap, Rich Amiri brings a whole new mantra. Utilizing TikTok marketing, he has managed to build hype on social media for each release and has since grossed over 400K+ monthly listeners on all streaming platforms. With a new single featuring Lil Tecca dropping very soon, Rich Amiri is continuously on the rise and building his network along with his fanbase.

Yung Fazo

Yung Fazo, a New York-based artist, is looking to pioneer the next generation of artists with his unique voice and choice of production on his tracks. In 2019, Fazo and SoFaygo released their collaboration "Adding." Following that release, they collaborated once again, releasing "Get Back!" These songs went on to go viral on TikTok which would inevitably kickstart Fazo's career. In 2023, he continues to experiment with his tracks and remains very consistent in his work.


Out of all the rappers coming from Virginia, Showjoe is a standout amongst the rest. He has a long track record of pumping out steady hits, making his first big break in 2021 with his song "Batman n Robin" which would go on to gain over 1M+ streams. Since then, Showjoe has made lots of connections within the music industry and has begun to travel all over the world sharing his music and working on all sorts of creative mediums.


Onlybino! is a rapper coming from Southern Florida, and is steadily making a name for himself in the underground and music industry with the help of TikTok. I would describe Onlybino's sound as a mix of plug and rage genres, with him perfectly combining the two, as well as, adding his own unique style and vocal flow. Bino also continues to demonstrate how vocally gifted he is with his infectious flows on the track. Fans are excited to see what’s up next for him.

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